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Do you want to join a well-qualified team but you lack experience? Each of us took our first steps on the career path, and we understand this very well. That is why we address our offer to young, ambitious people who want to gain practical skills in the transportation and logistics sector and are ready to engage in the development of our company.

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We are a well-coordinated and ambitious team in which everyone can feel appreciated, and the goals we pursue together help to strengthen our relationship. We believe that a team working in a good atmosphere, under convenient conditions, and with efficient organisation is the key to professional accomplishment and achieving great results.

We have freed our work in the forwarding department from excessive bureaucracy. Thanks to our Back Office department which provides administrative and accounting services, our forwarding agents can focus 100% on their work.

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By clicking on the "Apply", or "Apply now" button, or in any other way by sending a recruitment application to JIT Sp. z o.o. located in: Karmazynowa 32K, 02-887 Warsaw (Employer - data Administrator), you agree to the processing by the Employer of your personal data included in the recruitment application, in order to conduct the recruitment for the position indicated in the advertisement. You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us at email address: rekrutacja@jitlogistics.eu.

Good on-boarding by competent staff

The smooth on-boarding of new employees is ensured by a system of training, carried out by a specially designated person. After initial training, newly recruited employees are assigned to specific teams, where they are supervised by a manager of that team. The on-boarding process takes place in an open and friendly atmosphere with the sincere involvement of teammates.

We appreciate your contribution and support your development.

We value commitment and initiative, which is why we do not determine promotions based on passive work seniority, but on measurable results and creativity. In our team we focus on internal promotion, that is why all our current managers started their careers at the grass roots.

We do not want to stagnate, both our ambitions and the laws of the transport market motivate us to continuous improvement, so we constantly conduct further training and regularly raise the competence of the team.

Why is it worth working for us?
Co-financing of sports activities

"A sound mind in a sound body" says the old adage, which is why we support our employees' activities with a number of subsidies.

Private healthcare

Health is priceless, which is why we provide our employees with high-quality, private medical care.

Integration meetings

"A good atmosphere is the key to a close-knit team, and that is why we are keen to organise various types of outings and events for our employees."

No dress code

You will feel at ease with us! We believe that a good presence is not about a formal uniform but about a neat, casual style and feeling comfortable.

Learning foreign languages

Memory, concentration and the ability to think logically are qualities worth developing, which is why we offer free foreign language lessons.

Recruitment process

We conduct the application ONLINE. We encourage you to browse our offers section and check which positions we are currently recruiting for.


From among the applications submitted, we select those whose qualifications best match the requirements for the given position.

Telephone contact

At this stage, we call selected candidates, initially discuss the terms of our offer, examine the criteria important to us, and verify whether the candidate is still interested in the offer. If the job requires knowledge of a foreign language, part of the interview may be conducted in that language. If the phone conversation is successful, we will invite the candidate for an interview.

Recruitment interviews

This is the crucial and most important stage of recruitment for positions in our company. We try to keep the number of such interviews to the minimum possible and their number depends on the type of position for which we are recruiting. We make every effort to ensure that the recruitment interview takes place in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, so that the candidates can successfully present themselves, their qualifications, experience and expectations towards the employer.

Feedback - guaranteed

We consider it a matter of honour to inform each candidate of our final decision. We provide feedback by telephone or email within a maximum of 14 days.

A final stage to be determined

Following a successful recruitment process, the final stage involves making a detailed offer of employment. Once the terms and conditions are mutually accepted, we proceed with the on-boarding of the new member of our team. Welcome aboard! :)

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